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Advanced cloud-based ERP software that will scale hand in hand with businesses’ needs

How do you work efficiently in a noisy office environment? This was the question two friends, Samu Hällfors and Vesa-Matti Marjamäki found an answer to in 2010. They had a supervisor who used to talk loudly on the phone. One day they asked if he could keep it down a little. Supervisor laughed and responded that maybe they should get him a phone booth. That was the moment Framery was established, and Accountor Enterprise Solutions has been an invaluable partner to them in providing NetSuite, an ERP platform that is used to operate Framery’s processes from orders to deliveries.

Framery manufactures sound isolated phone booths and meeting pods to open plan office environments. Today, they sell the products to almost every country in the world, and for the past three years they have at least tripled the revenue compared to a previous fiscal year.

ERP platform that is designed to work in cloud from the very beginning

The liaison between Framery and Accountor Enterprise Solutions started in 2015, when Framery realized that the ERP system used at the time will not scale in the future. They started to look for another solution and evaluated different options.

“It’s hard to imagine a situation without NetSuite, because the platform has come to be essential for us.”

– When we came across NetSuite, we really saw the potential of it. It’s a future-proof platform that will scale with us and it can be customized to suit our needs. We have seen that by utilizing the functionalities of NetSuite, we are able to scale much faster than with other platforms, Framery’s IT-Manager Veikko Lindberg says.

– The reason we chose NetSuite over competing systems was that they are not as cloud ready as NetSuite is. NetSuite was designed to work in cloud from scratch, and the software can be used in a browser, he continues.

All-in-one package

Framery drives all their processes with NetSuite. Whenever an order is received, it is input into Netsuite, manufactured and then shipped to customer. In addition, they use NetSuite’s accounting features and other areas of use will be implemented in the future as well.

– We have customized NetSuite to meet our demands and we can configure even the tiniest details or our products. There is also a mobile app we can use to run our factory. Our whole manufacturing process is now paperless, which really enables us to control everything.

For any kind of industry – not just for manufacturers

Framery has been able to develop their business processes significantly with Accountor Enterprise Solutions’ NetSuite. Without the software, Framery wouldn’t be able to operate.

– It’s hard to imagine a situation without NetSuite, because the platform has come to be essential for us. Framery is growing very quickly, and it’s very important to have a system that will scale with us, Lindberg says.

– In my opinion NetSuite is not intended just for manufacturing companies, but for any industry. It is definitely a platform worth evaluating, because it has so much potential, and in Finland, the most capable partner with NetSuite is Accountor Enterprise Solutions, he finishes.

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