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A tool that greatly enhances and diversifies learning

Information technology and consumer electronics company Nokia employs over 250 coaches around the world. Nokia is using a tool called Coaching WRX, which removes geographical barriers and enables the coaches to work and learn together.

At Nokia, coaching is seen as a powerful tool to help people become more self-aware, develop, learn and grow.

– Coaching WRX is a platform where our coaches can learn in a virtual environment, Virpi Saari summarizes. Shexworks as an HR Professional at Nokia.

– I was very pleased about the opportunity to provide our internal coaches with a method that further supports their own development, says Borbála (Bori) Molnár, who is the Global Leadership Program Manager at Nokia.

An engaging platform that is easy to use

The coaches at Nokia expected Coaching WRX to be easy to use, but something entirely else took them by surprise.

– I didn’t expect it to be so engaging and effective, Saari reveals.

– The variety of options – webinars, practices, mentoring, triad coaching, discussions – offer a nice blend of solutions in our complex and diverse environment, Bori says.

– The platform even sends reminders about the events, so we really don’t need to worry about anything. We can just focus on the learning, Saari praises.

Saves time and money

The coaches at Nokia have seen that the platform saves time and costs as they don’t need to travel to be able to work together anymore. An important detail is that it’s not a problem if a coach is absent from an event.

– Recordings make it possible for coaches from different parts of the world to collaborate, use the latest technology to connect, learn from each other and find learning material, Bori says.

– After attending the training program, I have felt more skilled and confident as a coach. I think it shows in my everyday work, Saari concludes.

CoachingWRX's mission is to transform the way companies support leadership growth and do professional coaching work by providing safe and modern digital tools.
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