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Industrial folding doors that are superior to their overhead counterparts

Taylor Brothers Concrete Ltd. is a construction and excavation company based in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. They have bought a total of 11 sets of folding doors to their warehouses from FinDoor. The experiences have been so positive that there will be no returning to overhead doors.

Taylor Brothers Concrete first came to know of FinDoor when a business partner handed them a brochure describing the products. The folding door system was something they had never seen before.

– We want sealable doors and they really stood out in that sense. When the doors are sealed, you won’t see any light or feel any cold coming through, even if you run a hand through the edges or seals, Doug Taylor from Taylor Brothers Concrete explains.

– Findoor system was so attractive that we couldn’t say no. It’s a very unique system and it was easy to make the decision, he continues.

Easy installation with carefree maintenance

Once the decision on the doors had been made, they needed to be installed. Funnily enough, taking down the old overhead doors took longer than installing the new ones.

– We even had the owners of FinDoor flying in so it was kind of unique in that sense. In the end, the installation took only about one and a half hours, Taylor tells.

In addition to the easy installation, the doors are also very easy to maintain.

– They are very simple to maintain both short- and long-term. It’s a door that you won’t have to look after. They really stand out in that sense compared to the overhead doors we have had in the past.

Doors to remember

“Anyone who is building a commercial or industrial warehouse should absolutely take a look at the system. The doors are superior, no doubt.”

Because of the positive experience through and through, it’s very easy to recommend the doors to other companies as well.

– Anyone who is building a commercial or industrial warehouse should absolutely take a look at the system. The doors are superior, no doubt, Taylor concludes.

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