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“We could not do anything without PDSVision”

Coctio Ltd provides turnkey processing solutions and is the global leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing bone broth, sauce and soup production lines. PDSVision Ltd provides Coctio with a software system for making 2D piping and instrumentation diagrams. According to Engineering Designer Olli Tukiainen, Coctio simply could not operate without the service and products provided by PDSVision.

PDSVision is part of the PDS Vision Group with several sister companies in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the UK. The company provides products and services in the business areas of CAD, PLM, SLM and IoT.

– To be more specific, we use PTC’s Creo Schematics and Windchill, Tukiainen clarifies.

Versatile products and services

Software, support, services and training provided by PDSVision are suitable in different disciplines. Thus, they are able to be a complete supplier of all the subsystems needed when supporting product development. Coctio utilises the services and products in different tasks concerning their basic business.

“All in all, you really get the feeling that they know what they are doing.”

– We use the software in order to perform some more complex mechanical engineering tasks, for example. In addition, we use PDSVision’s consulting service, Tukiainen says.

– When starting to use PTC Creo Parametric, PDSVision is effortless since they install the software for you. In addition, they can configure the environment so that it is really easy to get started, Tukiainen emphasises.

Excellent customer service

PDSVision gets lots of praise not only for the quality of the products and services but also for the customer service they provide. The company takes care of their customers and is approachable and fast when contacted.

– Communication really works and their reaction time is impressive. All in all, you really get the feeling that they know what they are doing. We could not do anything without PDSVision, Tukiainen praises.

PDSVision Oy on suomalainen ohjelmistoalan yritys, joka tarjoaa ratkaisuja PLM, CAD, SLM, ALM ja IoT tarpeisiin.
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