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Extensive know-how in antenna design and simulation, proven by the customers

Antenna simulation, design and integration company Radientum has three very different kinds of clients in Tampere area, Finland. They wanted to share how exactly Radientum has been able to help them. Whether the clients have needed help with design, extended range or a more comprehensive long-term partnership altogether, Radientum has delivered.

First off, Grundium is a company that has developed a new kind of digital microscope scanner for digital pathology. The aesthetic of the microscope was really important for Grundium and Radientum was able to develop an antenna that blends into the device perfectly.

– We had obvious technical challenges in the designing process of the wireless LAN antennas. What Radientum was able to do was to simulate the entire mechanics and figure out which kind of antenna would work, says Janne Haavisto, who is the CTO of Grundium.

Over five times better wireless antenna range compared to before

Second, a company called Wiiste produces humidity measurement devices that are used to monitor the structural moisture in concrete structures. The device is installed into the concrete during casting. The sensor then sends wireless measurement data about the moisture level to the user, which can be in turn used to depict when the concrete has actually dried up.

Wiiste has seen significant improvements with their antennas after they started working with Radientum.

– The range is now at least five times better compared to the antenna we had before. It’s gone up from one kilometer to five or even ten kilometers. I find it to be very impressive since the sensor is placed into the concrete, says the CEO of Wiiste, Toni Luopajärvi.

A company that is easy to work with

“They know what they are doing, but in addition, they are very easy-going guys. Our cooperation has been very convenient and easy.”

Last but not least, Radientum has worked with IoT product house Treon with multiple different projects.

– We don’t do antenna design in-house ourselves so Radientum is our partner in that respect. We have been working on seven or eight different product design projects together, says Treon Chief Engineer Jari Toivanen.

What has struck Toivanen the most is the ease of working with Radientum.

– They know what they are doing, but in addition, they are very easy-going guys. Our cooperation has been very convenient and easy, he concludes.

Radientum tarjoaa tuotekehityspalveluja palveluja keskittyen antennisimulointiin, antennisuunnitteluun skeä testaukseen ja konsultointiin.
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