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Team spirit, relaxed discussions and innovative solutions

When Service-Flow’s workers gather together, new ideas are discussed and problems solved. Great team spirit and humor create an inviting working culture, in which everyone can learn from each other.

At Service-Flow, it is well acknowledged that integration processes can be complicated and time-consuming. The complexity of integration and the multiple headaches caused by it inspired the company to develop a new and comprehensive integration solution, Global Integration Hub OneiO. The system ensures that those headaches are a thing of the past, and Service-Flow’s customers can now concentrate on more relevant matters.

– We’re creating a product that can help people, and we’re constantly moving forward, Boris, Software Developer, describes.

– I’d say that we’re disrupting the world and creating something cool, his colleague Ilkka, Head of Marketing, crystallizes.

Cooperation is at the heart of Service-Flow’s working culture

At Service-Flow, vibrant discussions, a relaxed working atmosphere and a strong team spirit are much appreciated. Communication between the employers and employees is smooth as well.

– Sometimes I even forget that they’re my bosses, because it really feels like they’re my co-workers, Inacio, Senior Software Developer, says.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but the supportive atmosphere ensures that they’re not regarded as failures.

– I had been working here for two weeks, when I made a mistake. I told my co-workers and employers about it, and they came to me, putting a big red button on the table and telling me to push it. I pushed the button with shaking hands, but nothing happened. “Nothing happened”, they confirmed, encouraging me to continue working. That’s the working culture of our company, Sanna, Director, Partners and Alliances, tells.


“This is like a family”

“I always get support from my boss when needed.”

Openness and broad-mindedness create a working culture in which it is possible to have honest discussions and solve problems together.

– I always get support from my boss when needed, Ilkka explains.

– Everything from the working atmosphere to the development processes has been good, and I can discuss all kinds of topics with my co-workers. This is like a family, Boris concludes.


Service-Flow has a multi-decade experience in designing and implementing service management tools, implementations and integrations between them.
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