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Durable and trendy safety shoes for every occasion

Eltel Networks provides a wide range of services that cover almost everything from power distribution grids to communication networks. Diverse workdays require reliable workwear, so Sievi provides Eltel Networks with safety shoes that are not only durable but also weatherproof.

– What we do is often related to the daily needs of people and society, in one way or another, says Dmitrij Kovalenko, who works as a site manager at Eltel Networks.

He refers to his work, and his colleague, project engineer Riku Puro, agrees. From working indoors to standing on high-pitched tin roofs, working environments can sometimes be demanding. In order to manage the challenges of everyday work, Eltel Networks has cooperated with Sievi for some years now.

Safety shoes for warm summers and cold winters

Safety shoes need to be suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. They must be breathable in the summer when it is sunny and warm, and waterproof during rainy autumn days – not to mention the coldness of the Finnish winter.

– Sievi has such a wide range of shoes that they have always had an option that meets our needs, Puro explains.

Even though safety is the first priority, it is always a pleasure to wear shoes that look good.

– They are not only safe and durable, but also trendy – nowadays they look almost like trainers, and everybody likes a nice pair of shoes, don’t they? Kovalenko asks happily.

“We would absolutely recommend Sievi”

“Their shoes fit well and don’t rub. And the workers, who have been using these shoes, usually want to order also the next pair from Sievi”

Kovalenko and Puro are convinced that Sievi’s shoes are a good choice for anyone working in challenging or even dangerous environments. In addition to that, workers often walk a lot and stay on their feet throughout the day, which makes well-fitting shoes a necessity.

– Their shoes fit well and don’t rub. And the workers, who have been using these shoes, usually want to order also the next pair from Sievi, Puro explains.

– We would absolutely recommend them, Kovalenko sums up with a smile on his face.

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