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Holger Hartmann provided a high-class airport screening system for a price to beat

Airport operator Finavia is responsible for maintaining and developing a total of 21 airports in Finland. Holger Hartmann has provided Helsinki Airport with a new kind of system to handle the cabin baggage screening. It includes automated conveyor belts, remote screening and an X-ray device. As a result, Finavia has been able to double the throughput of the redesigned lane.

The new screening area is used to perform security screening to transfer passengers flying in from outside the EU.

– With the system, one screener can inspect a total of 43% more passengers in the same time span. We haven’t seen over ten-minute queue times with it. I think that’s a pretty good result, says Matti Lehto, Head of OPS Digitalization at Finavia.

Exceptional customer service

“We have been able to achieve even better results than we initially anticipated and top the set KPI targets.”

A crucial aspect of the new system was that it had to be able to capture every single event that happens during the screening process. This has happened. Lehto has been especially pleased with the assistance Holger Hartmann has offered them during the project.

– We have been able to achieve even better results than we initially anticipated and top the set KPI targets.

– I’d give the delivery process a grade A+. Holger Hartmann project manager made sure that we got everything that was agreed on.

Reliability is one thing, but the fact that the Holger Hartmann system was the cheapest of all the alternatives is what keeps amazing Lehto.

– It was a win-win for us. They not only gave us the best price, but the best quality as well.

Customer experience comes first

The most obvious value of the partnership has been the fact that Finavia received the system they wanted and needed. They can now provide a faster and smoother experience for all the passengers who are switching planes at Helsinki Airport.

– Basically, we now have the fastest and most efficient screening area in all of Europe. I’m hoping that it makes Helsinki Airport the most desirable transfer hub between Asia and all the European countries.

Holger Hartmann on erikoistunut kentällä käytettävien analyysilaitteiden toimituksiin.
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