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Tana Waste Shredders are versatile and technologically advanced machines

SGS Recovery is a subsidiary company of Buffalo Fuel Corp. based in Buffalo, New York and they provide waste management services. To make the daily operations smoother and more effective, the company has purchased two Tana Waste Shredders.

– Buffalo Fuel Corp. started as a large trucking company, and we’ve expanded our services to recycling and waste management, Glen Altman says. He works as a site supervisor at SGS, oversees recycling operations and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

Some time ago the company was looking for a new and multifunctional waste shredder. They did some research, compared different options and decided to start purchasing Tana equipment.

– We were searching for a specific piece of equipment that could grind various materials, Altman explains.

Mobile and versatile pieces of equipment

Altman is especially happy with the service the company has received from Tana and Tana’s Texas-based rep Humdinger Equipment.

– We picked Tana because of the service Humdinger Equipment can provide for us. It was also important to know the proximity of how soon the parts could be delivered, Altman describes.

Multifunctionality and advanced technological properties are some of the benefits of the Tana machines.

– It’s a mobile, versatile piece of equipment – we can switch from tires to wood or to almost any material, Altman adds.

“Tana understands the shredding world”

“We’re not making ice cream here, it’s a tough business and Tana makes a tough piece of equipment.”

SGS first purchased one Tana Waste Shredder, then another. Since the overall experience has been great, they’re planning on continuing the cooperation and getting more of them.

– Tana understands the shredding world and the needs we have. We’re not making ice cream here, it’s a tough business and Tana makes a tough piece of equipment, Altman sums up.

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