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Nets improves the customer experience at Viking Line with their cutting edge payment solutions

Over 6 million people choose to travel on one of Viking Line’s seven cruise ships every year. Viking Line offers their customers great food and drinks, spa treatments as well as tax-free shopping. The reliable payment solutions of Nets guarantee the customers of Viking Line a great experience.

– At the moment, we are on the Viking Grace cruise ship and we currently have almost 2.800 passengers travelling from Sweden to Finland, says Katja Malminen, the restaurant manager at Viking Grace.

The corridors of the Viking Grace are bustling with kids and shoppers coming from the Tax Free shop. The restaurants are already full of hungry passengers. When Viking Line was looking for their payment solution supplier, they had two key requirements: The service needs to be operational 24/7 and it has to be fast to ensure a good customer experience for the visitors.

– That’s why we selected Nets. We have co-operated together since 2015, Malminen explains.

“We wanted a partner, who constantly enhances their application”

In 2015, Viking Line made a strategical decision to concentrate all their payment solutions to one supplier.

– We needed a solution for card payments, direct bank payments, Paytrail, invoices and future payment methods, Malminen clarifies.

The co-operation between Viking Line and Nets isn’t just Nets providing the payment solutions. They are working closely together on several projects to develop new features, which will benefit the customers on board.

– We wanted a partner that constantly enhances their applications and is also developing new payment solutions in the future, Malminen continues.

Nets lives up to the high demands of Viking Line

“Nets has high technical skills to help and also to support us, whenever we need them.”

Viking Line and Malminen are very pleased with Nets’ customer service and Malminen describes Nets as service-oriented.

– Nets has high technical skills to help and also to support us, whenever we need them, Malminen praises.

– We can recommend Nets for both small and large companies that have high demands on functionality and service, Malminen sums up with a smile on her face.

Nets on erikoistunut digitaalisten maksujen välittämiseen. Toiminta kattaa kaikki Pohjoismaat ja valikoimaan kuuluvat kauppiaspalvelut, korttipalvelut ja maksuliikepalvelut.
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