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iLOQ’s digital locking system saves time and money

Camelot Europe provides property management services in several countries in Europe. In order to get rid of tens of different keys, Camelot Real Estate started a cooperation with the Finnish company iLOQ that produces electronic locking systems.

We are currently at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The building we are in was built in 2016, and it’s a place where hundreds of students live and study. The apartments are designed to be compact, but they have everything one needs for living: a kitchen, a bathroom and enough space for studying.

– We call them micro apartments, Gert Jan van de Sande, Project Manager at Camelot Real Estate, explains.

In addition to the apartments, there are also open spaces and gathering places for the students to use.

– There are rooms for studying and a library, to name a few examples, van de Sande describes.

iLOQ is a safe system

“iLOQ provides us with everything – the cylinders, the keys and the program for coding the keys. It’s a safe system.”

In 2014, Camelot Europe learned about iLOQ at an exhibition in Amsterdam. Their digital solution seemed convincing, and the company decided to change their mechanical locking system to an electronic one.

– I used to have so many keys, but one iLOQ key has replaced them all, van de Sande says.

– iLOQ provides us with everything – the cylinders, the keys and the program for coding the keys. It’s a safe system, van de Sande adds.

“It’s a digital solution of high quality”

The cooperation with iLOQ has had numerous advantages. Fast programming brings savings, because less time is spent on administrative matters, and both students and staff members are satisfied with how easy the keys are to use.

– The best thing about iLOQ keys is that they are safe and trustworthy. It’s a digital solution of high quality, van de Sande concludes.

iLOQ kehittää digitaalisia lukitusjärjestelmiä.
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